Beginner-Friendly Classes


We recommend new students start here. This class takes a slow, calming pace in order to focus on the foundations of a healthy yoga practice. In this class you will learn about the five foundational elements, as well as breath, standing poses, health of the pelvis, rotation of the legs and foot placement. Whether you’re stepping onto a yoga mat for the first time or you’re a seasoned practitioner, judgment-free physical and verbal adjustments from the teacher are aimed to keep the body safe and your practice growing.

Mindful Flow

This partially guided class combines the flow of Vinyasa with the guided challenge of Slow Burn. The pace of this class moves from self-guided warm-ups into long holding postures that slow the body, focus the mind, and work toward a well-earned savasana (resting pose). Designed to facilitate a mindful practice and leave you with a great sense of ease. Recommended for students who have attended at least 1-5 yoga classes.


This simple class is fully guided but considered a quiet, personal and introspective practice allowing you the freedom to rid your mind and body of distractions. Yin is a wonderful practice to connect with your inner self, relieve physical pain, and let go of your busy life by holding postures for 3-5 minutes. Increasing flexibility and calming the mind are the main focuses of each class. Recommended for all experience levels.

Intermediate to Advanced Classes

Slow Flow

This Hatha style class is fully guided and dispels the myth that slower is easier. For one hour, you will slow down your movement and delve deep into the muscular system by holding poses for an extended period of time. This class is perfect for anyone looking to meet their edge. Recommended for all experience levels.


Vinyasa is a partially guided class that links breath and movement. This class sequences a variety of poses in a flowing movement that cultivates balance, endurance, flexibility and strength. Although this is a flow-based class, your instructor will offer cues to maintain the integrity of postural alignment. Recommended for students who have attended at least 1-5 yoga classes.

Short Form Ashtanga

Each fully guided class is built on an alignment-based, traditional sequence of postures designed to build heat, strength, and focus, followed by a full body stretch. The postures are the same each time, allowing you to progress mindfully. Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally practiced 6 days per week and is a personal journey. Recommended for students who have attended at least 1-5 yoga classes.

Primary Series Ashtanga

This is a partially guided 90-minute class. Classes begin with meditation and pranayama (breath work) and end with inversion practice before savasana (resting pose). Recommended for students who have attended at least 1-5 Short Form Ashtanga classes.