Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need my own yoga mat?

A. No. We offer Manduka yoga mats for rent at $5 for non-members $3 for members per class.

Q. What if I forget my clothes?

A. NIBIRU tanks and T-shirts are for sale in the pro shop. Otherwise, practice anyway! If forgetting comfy clothes happens to you often, try leaving some in the trunk of your car.

Q. What if i’m not flexible?

A. Flexibility is a physical benefit of a consistent yoga practice, not a prerequisite. We encourage you to come as you are and let the benefits of yoga to work their magic.

Q. Do I need to have done yoga before?

A. Nope. We offer a class called Foundation that is great for beginners. Foundation focuses on some of the most common yoga postures, healthy alignment, and hands on adjustments, all at a moderate pace, leaving plenty of time to find the answer to question cycling through you head, “put what where?”. After Foundation you will have a few postures and breathing techniques under your belt and a little more comfort in a yoga class. However, you are welcome to take any class on the schedule, NIBIRU is judgement free.

Q. Where is NIBIRU YOGA located?

A. NIBIRU is located at 12924 Farmington rd. Livonia, MI just south of Mason’s burgers, just north of the train tracks. Parking is in the back, walk around the building, through the courtyard and you’re at our front door.

Q. Is every class heated?

A. No, we understand that a heated room is not for everyone. Our non-heated classes are Meditation, Foundation, and Yin.